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Name:Wystii's Whispers
I'm Wystii and you've just stumbled into the archive for my creative efforts. Hope you have a good read. *smiles*

These whispers are mainly adult fanfiction, some of which involve gratuitous sex scenes, possible violence and coarse language. These works also contain same gender (usually male/male) relationships, ranging from light romance to... I've already mentioned gratuitous sex scenes. More specific warnings will be included in the story's header. I don't want to offend anyone, but I won't be held responsible if you CHOOSE to read past warnings of things that might make you uncomfortable.

All fanfiction will be available to everyone, but my original fiction will be locked. Let me know if you want access to what there is. Be warned of the unedited first draft state of my original stuff. (The main reason for its locked status.)

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters I use from the fandoms I write in. Neither do I own the lyrics for the songs that inspire a lot of my ramblings. And I also claim no ownership of the Game Universes which become the settings for some of my stories. I'm just playing here. No money is involved in any way, shape or form and thus no profits made. (For the stories available to everyone, anyway.)

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